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Two Twisted Monkeys is a creative studio that loves to conceive, design and build digital experiences for people and companies. We say design is an exciting art form and is a marketing opportunity. We are passionate about creating a clear and cohesive story that is unique to each business and clearly communicates to a targeted audience.

We create brand identities through a combination of market research and in-depth discussions with our clients. With a diverse background in the fine arts, commercial arts, graphic design, retail and web design, we are able to push the limits of a variety of mediums.

Knut LSG Hybinette was born in Enköping, Sweden and is CO -CEO of Two Twisted Monkeys.

Knut is also consultant for major motion pictures studios, animation studios and game studios. He has 20 years experience in creative service content.

Knut works in multiple Medias including game design, photography, animation, video and sound. Knut has exhibited his work at galleries in Sweden, Portugal, Germany, Greece and the United Sates of America.

Recently, one of his game was presented at the White House.

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