Andrew J Kohlhepp, MS, LPC

counselor, Therapist, and Life Coach in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

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When I worked as an executive managing hundreds of employees it would have been easy for me to assume that my perspective on life was the only one that mattered. Fortunately, my own struggles managing relationship and emotional challenges taught me that everyone has a right to their own perspective and feelings. I endeavor to listen intently to my clients, be open and honest with my feedback and always honor and protect the right of the people I work with to make their own decisions in life.

My work in professional counseling and the addictions field in particular gives me an opportunity to practice what I've learned and share those benefits with others. When problems beset us and challenges threaten to overwhelm us, looking for who's to blame is a waste of time. Rather, I've come to realize that the best use of energy and life strategy is to find ways to accept reality, deal with facts without denial and grow into greater levels of maturity as a result.

I am no stranger to life transitions and with my counseling skill sets, I make that experience available in creative ways to my clients. I cannot change my clients. Only they can change themselves. My goal as a professional counselor is to help clients find the ways and means to modify their behavior so that they are able to take better care of themselves.

When the time is right for you to call (843-422-2861) and make an appointment with me, I will be delighted to be your companion as you move along your path of change.