The KOI Group

1633 Northmount Ave. Unit #29

The Koi Group is a boutique, outcome-based consulting firm led by its founder, Stephan Kim. He and his team of seasoned and dedicated restauranteurs, property managers, vendors, project managers, and consultants focus on enhancing your bottom line through cost reduction strategies and negotiating best practices to provide the best value for our clients. By demonstrating strong implementation and execution skill, our clients recieve peace of mind knowing that they are running at peak cost efficiency.

Philosophy: Our philosophy is to always say what we do and do waht we say and that is why we offer our services on an outcome (contingency) based model so there is zero risk to engage us.

Services: Once we complete our assessment and determine the scope of work, a team (pod) will be put together to conduct a complete anaylsis of your current programs and create a business case to show anticipated costs savings and present a proposal with total cost of ownership. Any further services required to realize the savings such as RFQ's will be provided through vendor management services. The Koi Group primarily focuses on the restaurant and retail sector but has branched into the property management sector.

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