Kostas Kallergis

Athens, Greece

Kostas Kallergis started working as a journalist in 2003. In 2006, he moved to Greece's biggest private tv station, MEGA TV, where he worked for the network's WarZone Documentaries series. Among other topics, he carried out assignments in Russia, Kazakhstan, Israel, DR Congo, Angola, Ghana & Ivory Coast. He also worked for the network's main news & current affairs series, called Erevna, dealing with socio-economic and political stories in Greece and Europe. He has frequently published stories in magazines around Greece and abroad.

He now works as a freelance journalist and as field producer for foreign newspaper & tv networks. He also writes for the "When the Crisis Hit the Fan" blog, focusing on news about the Greek economic crisis that usually go unreported in the international press.

  • Work
    • Freelance Journalist
  • Education
    • BA (Hons) Economics with International Business Studies
    • MA in European Studies
    • MA in Sociology
    • MA in East European Politics