Kris (kris.w) Wimberly

Artist in Los Angeles, California

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Kris Wimberly is the only artist in his family. Because of this, he was continuously encouraged to stray from from his childhood dream of becoming a "cartoonist", which in his young mind meant becoming an animator. After straying from that plan for years, Kris completed high school and decided to abandon his latest career plans of pursuing psychology to chase his dream for the first time. He began his collegiate career in 2002 at California State University, Fullerton as an art major. His first day of college held his first art class ever! After 6 years of double-majoring, Kris earned a degree in both Illustration and Animation in 2008, graduating with honors. In his last semester of school, he positioned himself into the highest ranking internship in the country (at the time) at Nickelodeon Animation Studio, where he spent 30 hours per week as a production intern on SpongeBob SquarePants (as well as working full-time, being a full-time student, completing an entire solo student film, and building a one-man art show to close out his college education). Just months after graduating, Kris was offered a full-time position as a Production Assistant on SpongeBob. He managed to leverage his way into a freelance artist position within only two months of being hired, where he acted as an extra set of hands whenever the production fell behind. This included assignments from storyboard revisions to prop designing. After working on Seasons 6, 7 and 8 of "SpongeBob SquarePants", Kris maneuvered to nearly every other major animation studio around Burbank including houses like Disney TV and Warner Bros. Animation working as a storyboard artist. Each time, Kris was hired onto crews to help launch a show into its premiere season, and very often found himself to be the youngest storyboard artist by nearly a decade. Kris has now been in the animation industry for tenyears and has been fortunate to have worked at nearly every major tv animation studio, and several smaller animation studios around Burbank. His list of credits includes roles specializing in comedy and comedy-action, and he's storyboarded on shows in nearly every version of tv animation – 2D, CG, Flash, script driven, board driven, Preschool, Kids TV, Primetime, and even touched a couple features!

  • Education
    • BFA Illustration
    • BFA Animation