Kristen Lipscombe

Award-winning communicator in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Kristen is a committed, conscientious communications professional with experience in print, broadcast, television, radio and multimedia reporting, as well as in social media management, social media analytics, high-stakes media and public relations, media coaching/training, marketing and mentorship.

She's a skilled organizer, confident speaker, careful editor and naturally talented writer, with a warm personality.

She's passionate about telling, sharing and promoting stories in unique and creative ways.

She's especially inspired to help other women find their "voices," so that they can share their own inspiring stories and promote their own unique initiatives. We rise as a gender by lifting each other up and celebrating our shared successes.

More about me:

* President and Founder of First Line Communications.

* Award-winning journalist, communications specialist and media consultant.

* Four-time world champion as media manager for Team Canada women’s hockey; have served as media operations manager for hockey at the Olympic-level.

* Versatile across all media and communications platforms and subjects, from politics, health and education to human interest/profiles, music, books and the arts.

* Believe in mixing traditional and modern or "new" media to help our industries grow, and engaging the public via always emerging social media trends.

* Active volunteer in sports and music events, as well as for various non-profit organizations, regularly working on the host committee or at the board level.

* Always strive to meet and exceed personal bests while making a positive difference in the lives of others.

* Highly respected in media industry across Canada and internationally.

* Passionate about telling stories in unique and creative ways, and helping other people tell their own inspiring stories, whether through capturing through true essence through my writing or by training them to own their stories to help others.

* Active volunteer in major sports and music events, as well as for various non-profit organizations, regularly serving on the host committee or at the board level.

* Committed to excellence, empathy, kindness and compassion. Just do the right thing and treat others as you would like to be treated.

* Reaching above and beyond my goals with "dedication, determination and desire" is my lifelong mantra.

  • Work
    • First Line Communications
  • Education
    • Journalism, English & Political Science
    • University of King's College