Karla Ruiz Cofiño

Artist, Speaker, and Wellbeing Advocate in Guatemala serving the World.

Digital Strategist, Social Media & Tech Ethics Specialist. Entrepreneur, Speaker, Artist, Social Activist & Woman Advocate. Dedicated to help Leaders connect with the world and use their influence to improve it!


🔹 Founder of the Program DIGITAL AWARENESS


🔹 Founder of the Women's Entrepreneurs Community WED GT



Bord Member:

🔸 Nueva Narrativa Guatemala

🔸 Voces Vitales Guatemala


Fellow & Member of the Following Networks:

🔸 Vital Voices Global Partnership

🔸 Central America Leadership Initiative

🔸 Aspen Global Leadership Network

🔸 Boehm Media Fellowship


KARLA RUIZ COFIÑO connects people through technology. The Guatemalan entrepreneur helps individuals and companies navigate, contribute and participate in an increasingly border less / digital world.

For the last 20 years, she has studied the impact technology has on the evolution of human beings, how this has affected the way we relate with each other and our behavior as consumers. Karla has become an expert at leveraging digital technology to advance a company’s brand, revenue and bottom line, but she thinks that having a digital presence is about much more than just business.

Worried to see the gap between the common use of social media and the real world needs Karla developed her own curriculum with an innovative methodology on how to use digital media towards positive impact. It is called DIGITAL AWARENESS PROGRAM. She equip people with the digital skills and knowledge they need to become active contributors to online communities, teaching them how to behave as positive Digital Citizens and inspire them to become Digital Leaders harnessing the power of Social Media and Digital Strategies for bettering the world!

Karla is using technology to inspire change, she is on a mission to recruit, inspire and empower people to become Digitally Aware, creating a future of interconnected global citizens aware of the power they have and know how to use it. She envisions a community of change makers connected through technology improving the world.



  • Education
    • The Valais School of Art, Switzerland
One of my favorite people in the whole world. I love your heart and the lessons I learn every time I get to spend time with you. One day I’ll write a book and a chapter will be dedicated to what you taught me in March 2015 at the VV GAP that has changed my life and the lives of many Imbeleko children.
Sbusisiwe Myeni, Co-Founder and CEO at Imbeleko Foundation, South Africa.
Some days you’re just the luckiest person in the world. The energy, passion, authenticity and open-hearted way of sharing advice from this super hero is just beyond words. She just took me from full inspiration to tens of to-do’s on my google tasks...
Chuy Cepeda, PhD in AI & Robotics, Founder OS.City, Mexico.
Thank you for your support and excellent advice. Your experience in digital media is undoubtedly important, but your human quality is what moves the world.
Allan Ortiz, Founder Guate Activa, Professor at UNIS, Guatemala.
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