Kye Copley

Barista, Web Developer, and Student in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

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I spent years learning computer programming while balancing college, part-time jobs, and free-lance projects. Now I make my living working as a barista, waiting for my sex change to end so I can return to school to study business management and work for myself someday

I’m documenting my weight loss journey across social media, preparing myself for bottom surgery, though until I consult with my surgeon I don’t know if it’ll be metoidioplasty or phalloplasty.

I will begin attending Arizon State University next year, majoring in business management with a focus on retail management, to run my own goods-and-services store someday.

When I’m not working or commuting, I enjoy reading essays and non-fiction, sipping vodka over club soda, hiking, hitting the gym, playing fighting-style video games, and watching hockey. I also waste too much time listening to music.

  • Work
    • Starbucks
  • Education
    • Warren County Community College
    • Arizona State University