Leanne Evelyn-Charles

Sydney, Australia.

Leanne Evelyn-Charles

Sydney, Australia.

Hi, I'm Leanne Evelyn-Charles and I'm a Business Owner, Coach, Consultant, Teacher, Blogger and Professional Uplifter.

That's quite a mouthful isn't it? In plain language, I help people remove unhealpful fear from their lives and lovingly help guide them to where they want to go.

At my core I am a teacher; and to put it simply I teach really amazing wisdoms that I come across.

The art of teaching finally clicked for me when I let go of my fears of not being perfect and offered something which aligned to love instead. Everything changed for me when I made the following commitment to my students (see below); and I make this same pledge to you.

"I want to be very clear that don't know it all and I never will. I am however committed to constant learning and improvement and I want to share this journey with you.

I see you as just as much of a teacher as I am. I believe in your intuition and your inner wisdom.

I can offer you a loving perspective that is outside of your own on the days that you aren't listening to your instincts. But my real gift is that the perspective that I offer shall never be in contradiction to your own inner voice.

The only perspective that can contradict all that you know to be true is one of fear, and I am committed to only bringing loving solutions for your challenges."

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