LeAnne Ozaine-Smith

I'm so much more than an Entrepreneur! I get to be Chad's wife, Elise's momma & Big Sis to 5 amazing humans. My "real job" is/was Financial Planning with a Fortune 100 company. My Practice has always been a magnet for Solopreneurs (inspiring, risk-taking people who start businesses). Over the years my Practice has morphed into full blown budget & cash flow coaching for Solopreneurs all over the world--not just the typical investments, insurance, etc. If FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) would let me, I'd put "Financial Coach" on my business card.

My work with Solopreneurs helped me see something clearly: they were struggling/failing for all the same (stupid) reasons.

You can't ask a zebra to change its stripes! When it comes to finances, Solopreneurs have intrinsic "stripes." They aren't CPAs, they don't think like CEOs, and frankly money management overwhelms them. This is hideously ironic, given that they started a business to make money. Solopreneurs don't know how to manage finances, and they flatly refuse to use QuickBooks or Quicken. So they "manage" their finances with a bank balance and (maybe) a spreadsheet. Over time "financial sins" catch up with them, and it's always a day late and a dollar short when they start thinking they need something to manage money-side of their business. I'm done with that story, so I did something about it.

I hired a super-caffeinated team of of software guys and we created Prosperity. I coined it "behavior based" software because you cannot ask a zebra to change its stripes. Instead, we created zebra stripe technology. Prosperity invites all Zebras to come as they are. It knows what they don't about accounting & money management. It pre-spends every dollar they earn, so that the Solopreneur doesn't run out of money and go out of business. I had the front row seat in my Practice to learn exactly what they think about and DO with money in business--Prosperity flexes the strong muscles of that experience.

We are succeeding where Intuit, inDinero (and others) aren't, because Prosperity just "fits." It wasn't conjured up in a boardroom or startup incubator weekend. It came from the trenches of my Practice and thousands of hours of talking to Zebras about their finances.