Leathur Rokk

Dancer, model, and writer/artist in Atlantic City, New Jersey

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Dancing on stage or on camera, or scoring a part in a tv show or movie,is one of the joys of my life.Showbiz was always my dream.Modeling is something I LOVE to do!Point a camera in my direction and let me give good face,and the geometry of movement!

I was in Hollywood,I did a lot of good writing there ( I was in many films and tv shows and rock videos) and I will be back again soon,Until then I am doing hair,posing for pictures,saving cats doing cat rescue online and with Alley Cat Allies doing cat colony cleanups, giving free haircuts to homeless friends,advocating for the United States Constitution,the separation of church and state, human rights, womens and LGBTQ causes,the atheist and pagan communities,being a voice for political moderates (I'm a pro choice totally secular Republican) and hitting the clubs on the weekends in Atlantic City New Jersey.There's always a dance floor or concert ticket with MY name on it!

I love marijuana.It needs to be legal in ALL 50 states,and worldwide.

I love all kinds of Asian food.

I am starting to put my words to music.I have all my old journals from Hollywood and San Francisco.I need to start a band.I can play crappy guitar (after years of growing my nails!).I can sing,tho I'm no soprano....my range is Jim Morrison to Bea Arthur;-) I have a Peavey Raptor and old strings I need to change,and I need a miniMarshall so I don't play it much.If I had an acoustic, songwriting would be easier than it is now.But I don't love soft music at all as a rule.(I'm big into hair metal,and industrial and dubstep, among other things, **DUBSTEP MAKES ME DANCE** ,and I love classic rock.I collect classic rock on vinyl too.)

Sometimes I go to NYC or Philly for gigs.It is important to bloom where you are planted.It's easy to get there by bus.I love big cities.I strive to create a beautiful,creative image that is not like the average human.I welcome the chance to work in film, television, music,locally or in Los Angeles or one of my favorite cities.

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