Lectric is a British Producer/Singer/Songwriter Multi-instrumentalist who is based in London. In 2012 released his 1st album called “The Producer” Where he had a number 1 with” Na Na Na” in the Number One Chart in the R&B/Soul Chart (UK) Lectric started out as a sound engineer apprentice where he was taught music by Trevor Roper from the Chalice Band (JA) and as with most musician it started at Church and as time went by he learnt to play all the instruments in the studio and continued music career in the( UK) and some in the (USA) before returning back to the (UK). After theAlexander O' Neal tour a few years back Lectric decided to come to the front and started singing with his first album " The Producer" 2012. Now the second album a 10 track R&B/Soul album is now released and available at your Itunes - Amazon - Google Play online stores. This second album was done with some help from a few of the artist that Lectric had produced in the pass. The singers who came in were Joanne Lee Farooz Lewis, Dawn Penn, Elle Rush and Vivian Clarke who did backing vocals on the album. All songs were written and sang/produced by Lectric except for “Get To Know Me” co-written by C. Nembhard. The album took its inspiration from various people from history and Super Models. Lectric believes music and fashion goes well together so he brought in Super Model Jasmia Robinson also on backing vocals and also to keep things in check. Lectric said he took inspiration from the Super Model Chanel Iman seeing her walk down the runway with so much grace and flow. He named the album “ The Flow “