LED Canada Luminaires Inc.


We are a LED Canadian company operating in Ontario Canada. Our mission is to provide our clients with optimized LED luminaires for their specific business needs. Luminaires from LED Canada Lighting Inc. have been put through rigorous testing following industry standards; LM-79 and a few of our our proprietary quality testing protocols. Our luminaires are high quality engineered goods built right within our own location. Each component, wire, lamp all the way to the housing have been selected or designed to optimize performance - nothing is left to chance. There is a thorough understanding of each design process and stringent testing tolerance. Designed from scratch, that is how we feel lighting should be. Once function, form, and quality control mechanisms are in place we commence our light building process. No kits or off the shelf products are to be found at LED Canada Lighting Inc. You, the client, our end user will have full confidence in utilizing our customized product. There is no second guessing.