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Even though Alexa's search results are driven by Google, this is a particular must in your search engine marketing plan.

This is because that Alexa will provide data about your site that no other search engine or internet listing will provide.

These statistics include:

*Your site standing on the internet

*What sites are linking to yours

*Detailed traffic research

*Site thumbnails

*Site Speed

These are simply a couple of examples. For other viewpoints, people may view at: guide to fundable.

You can also use Alexa to find your key words. Dig up new information on this related web site by clicking my ledified fundable. This may tell you who your competition is for the key-words you've chosen. You may more vigilantly study your competition, find out who is relating to your competition, and use what you learn how to find greater key-words on your site, as well as raise your rankings in the search engines.

Alexa even offers its own crawler, and eventhough you may appear in the search engine results powered by Google, you still want to have Alexa examine your site.

Alexa, like Google, might learn your site by itself. However, it's been my experience that Alexa only updates my website when I visit Alexa and make updates. Including the thumbnails.

The initial step that you must take before submitting to Alexa is to enter the domain name of the site to determine if you are shown.

Examine the thumbnail for your site, if you're listed and see if has to be updated. It's also advisable to always check your website explanation, as well as contact information, and if it must be updated, revise it.

Alexa will demand that you verify your website in one of two ways. The very first is to enter your email address, and Alexa will mail a confirmation email to you. The other way is that you can verified would be to create an info.txt file and distribute it to the root directory of your website. Then you're able to press the evidence link and your site will be verified by Alexa.

If your website isn't listed for whatever reason, you will need to send. Alexa provides step-by-step instructions, togethe