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Examining your competitors is a great place to begin when optimizing your web site for search engine placement. Search Engine Optimization or search engine marketing is about leading your rivals. By looking first at those sites that rank high for your key word phrases you'll have an understanding of the time and cost involved to have high rankings in the major search engines. If you should be pursuing a competitive keyword the amount of time involved may dramatically increase. Learn supplementary resources on an affiliated wiki by visiting fundable.

When considering the competition, search for your keyword or phrases in Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Look at the top sites and specially look at the sites that rank full of all three of the major search-engines. You now have a list of player internet sites; these are your aims to pick off 1 by 1.

Check always your competitors backlinks or links to them from other web sites; that is going to be the most readily useful indication of just how much work you're going to get to place into your search engine marketing project. You can check backlinks in MSN and Google by writing In Yahoo you would typ-e link: Yahoo also offers an unique command that may explain to you most of the links to a complete website. This can be done by typing You can now see all the links to the home page and sub-pages in an internet site. When evaluating links the linkdomain control could be the most useful. Make sure to check links in every three major search engines so you do not miss anything. Also always check backlinks on competitors sub-pages. You will not want as many strong links but this may make a huge difference when looking to get a keyword to rank on a sub-page.

When evaluating your competitors links, keep in mind this could be a link source for the web site. See if web site link submissions are accepted by the web sites linking to your competitors. When posting to other sites use your keyword phrase for your point text when ever possible.

Using the Google toolbar may be useful also when assessing links. Google assigns each page a page rank score according to a 1 to 10 scale with 10 being the highest. Don't entirely look at a pages page rank score; it is better that the page be o-n topic instead