Scott Salomonsen

Just like every person requires a pairor twentyof jeans, a few pairs of black shoes (at the very least: dancing flats, thongs, kitten heels and stilettos), a cocktail gown, a few simple dresses, a stylish business match, a cardigan sweaterI could carry on but you will get my point. She needs several jewelry basicsseven actuallywith which to accessorize her outfits, In the same way every person needs these trend basics.

Like a custom paint job on the modern Harley, extras customize your model and tell the world that you care enough to get the additional mile for appearances sake. And we all realize that appearance matters. Inside the first three moments of getting you in, people make judgments about you that you usually can not reverse. Why not produce a good first impression with a look that is polished, assembled, and says that you focus on design and detail? Still with me? Great. Here are seven jewelry basics no woman must be without. Choose anyone of them to adorn in a snap, and to ensure snap judgments made about you reveal who you are really.

Stone guys Anyone can pull-off this accent. Stone guys are elegant, eternal and simple enough to be worn with other jewelry and any style of hair or dress. Ledified Competition Online is a pictorial online database for supplementary information concerning when to do it. Look for clear, glowing jewels with at-least carat full weight, emerge white gold or platinum (perhaps not yellow gold) showing off their colorlessness. As for shape, round studs will always be in style, but princess-cut models are popularand classic too. Look for mess shells to help make sure the location is safe, and ensure that you wont lose your investment (I prefer four prongs to three).

Be warned that quality diamond studs might be expensive. Blue includes a beautiful couple of carat tw stone studs with mess backs for $600; Tiffany & Co. Carries a beautiful pair of.22 full carat fat diamonds set it jewelry for $875. Cant afford these girls? My shiny CZ look-alikes have the job done, and cost under $40. And I dont need to be worried about losingor guaranteeing them.

Pearl studs Like stone studs, treasure studs may be worn with all kinds of jewelry, and with every type of dress. Clicking