LED Verlichting

led verlichting for Your Business

About 19% of the global energy consumption is composed of residential, public, and business lighting. With the use of LED verlichting around the world, this is expected to change after a few more years. The transition from incandescent to fluorescent lighting has been quick, but it's not the same when it comes to the switch to a more energy-saving lighting from LEDs.
The reason for this is that the very first LED lighting was very expensive compared to the standard CFLs (compact fluorescent lights) that cost around $20 to $30. With the difference in costs, majority of people still go for the cheaper lighting fixtures. This is about to change, with the production of cheaper LED verlichting, as confirmed by most lighting manufacturers worldwide.
Using LED Lighting for your Business
With business establishments taking the majority of the 19% global energy consumption for lighting, business owners are encouraged nowadays to take the big leap to using LED lighting fixtures. With the emergence of cheaper LED lighting products these days, it's a great opportunity to cut the cost from electric bills and at the same time, promote a greener environment.
Fluorescent tubes are often used in offices, since these lighting fixtures provide good lighting in workspaces. You can use replacement LED TL buizen that offers the same quality but lesser costs in the long run. Here are some of the things that you need to consider before buying LED tubes.