Lee A. Chrimes

Lee A. Chrimes is the mastermind of MZPtv, an international online community of writers that was founded in 2004 and remains strong today, with almost 450 active members (July 2012).

Lee's scriptwriting career stretches back from novellas and prose through to movie screenplays, and from 2004 the 'virtual series' or 'scripfic', an online series of scripts operating exactly as a 'real' TV show would. A virtual series could have a 6, 13 or even 22-episode season, each 'episode' being a script that represents a 30, 45 or 60-minute episode of the show itself.

Lee's scriptfic creations to date are Somewhere InBetween, following the exploits of a half-human vampire searching for a cure; Natasha Tyreen, a neo-noir detective series set in the near future; andFaith and Slayer Academy, spin-offs from the popular genre TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Lee has also written for and helped produce many more series for MZPtv, and has written over 215 scripts for the website to date.