Lee Arvin Gogo

Videogames, Writing, and legal research in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

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Lee Arvin Gogo loves to write, debate, and play video games while trying to make ends meet as a legal professional.

Having the self-worth of half a pebble, he takes pride in being socially undesirable - a trait which has kept his career from being sidetracked by any loving relationship.

On top of being ugly, Lee has more than ten years worth of failures in the fields of writing, public speaking, and communication.

He has spent enough years in law school to be called an attorney - a professional title he probably doesn't deserve.

He occasionally doubles as an online freelance writer to fill up the lack of fulfillment from writing in his own private blog that clearly has zero followers.

He also participates in debate competitions and coaches younger debaters from time to time. This is the only place where people are forced to acknowledge his existence.

He also plays video games when he's depressed. He plays video games every day.

Despite his unfortunate disposition, Lee continues to love writing and debating as much as he loves earning a living and being funnier than his face. It doesn't matter to him if, just like everything else he's ever loved, none of these things bother to love him back.

  • Work
    • Court of Appeals
  • Education
    • Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan