Lee Jones

London Planet Earth

What to expect from leegernomics. I have 18 years experience in practicing office ergonomics, making the connection between this and our Wellbeing. I am very fortunate to work with some great companies and people alike. Often referred to as the "Chair Man" or "Desk Doctor" my aim has always been to make employers and employees understand the relevance of ergonomics in the office by making it engaging, typically making sense of existing equipment in the general sense, to specifying solutions that benefit those in greater need.

It's not just about IT, Furniture, Design & Office Politics, these are all a given, along with many other considerations. We now live in the age of the “Mobile”, “Agile” Worker”, 4 generations working under the same roof, greater demands on our time, the “Work Life Balance” has now become the “Work Life Blend”, its more to do with us, the office dweller and how we can help ourselves, our colleagues and organizations we work for, create a healthily place to work, that is also cool in some cases.

So how do we combine High Concept office design with fast moving technology, demands from the people living in it day after day, an aging workforce, a young workforce, stress, mental and physical exercise...whilst trying to retain the talent to keep our businesses at the forefront……and you at the top of your game?

Well if you’re still reading, I’d be happy to share my ideas, thoughts, experiences.

The conclusion is making people comfortable and enhancing employee wellbeing.



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