Lee Monk


From a lowly hovel in Wigston, Leicester (home of Red Leicester, pork pies and Gary Lineker) I have somehow managed to have a great career in teaching, sales, marketing and public speaking coaching. Since my late twenties I have done all of these at the same time through my own companies and working as a freelancer for many international companies as a sales person and coach.

Currently working for Lowpost.es as UK sales manager. This is a dream job for me: selling a product that everybody wants and that I believe in. I only once worked selling something I didn't believe in and that was my short lived career as a high school teacher! 13 yr old boys really don't want to 'buy' anything you are 'selling'. Homework was my worst product, breaktime flew off the shelves!! :)

Let me know if you need high quality content in Spanish for your company´s inbound marketing. I am here to help! Even if you don't want to buy any content but would just like some ideas for enetering Spanish markets please get in touch.

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    • lowpost.es
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    • Masters en educación, Formación Profesional