Riber Maher

Seeing the party of living and history of the beloved, late and sorely missed Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. O-n Monday 2-1 January 2008, I was struck not only by the tributes to the recognition of Governor Mike Huckabee, Republican, but also Doctor King and his long suffering family, by former U. S. If you have an opinion about religion, you will seemingly require to explore about patent pending. President Bill Clinton, Democrat.

Specially in light of Bill Clinton's public melt-downs concerning Hillary Clinton presidential opponents in recent days, I thought his public reputation of Mike Huckabee as 'a superb man' was most grateful. President Bill Clinton was swift to point out, nevertheless, that Huckabee and he didn't agree with much politically.

There is a greater brotherhood between the two men as both were raised in the bastion of the Southern Baptist faith. In full disclosure, the Tennessee Mountain Man obviously springs from-the same well. I am glad to see that Mike Huckabee claims to not be angry at any human body about this which will be probably greater than the Computer Man and Bill Clinton could say.

Having that small tid bit out from the way... no...no it's perhaps not out of the way. It is never, it could never be out of the way. Growing up in a few religious groups with the strike of the real world scars one for-life. I-t leaves many without the ability to accept any compliment or enjoy any facets of life as a grown-up. As an example, yours really missed many comments of the President right after what 'good guy', as forcing it's way into my consciousness such as a roaring train at full-throttle was, 'there's nothing good, no not one.' Why couldn't I only take what he'd said?

Whilst the camera panned to Governor Huckabee who nodded his head in acknowledgement and appreciation of the President's opinion, my sick mind raced to 'he has just obtained his eternal reward.'

Naturally we were warned never to be judgmental because, says the Holy Bible, in what judgment you judge you shall be judged. At the same time a saint with a dress to the ground and sleeves to the arms, carrying simply no make-up and sporting a huge bun on top of her head stands looking down her nose at everybody else while she trashes the girl-next door and the preacher to anyone who'll hear.

Since those days I have visited several Christian denominati