Herskind Newton

Those two healings happened in a revival meeting we led in a denomination church in East Texas. He'd felt impressed to really have a time-of healing ministry for a couple nights, but held down about it because th...

Two belief healings have stuck in this writer's memory over time. Both these healings occurred while h-e was still pastor of the denomination church. The two Healing Delivery Vehicles employed were 'the laying o-n of hands' and the 'anointing with oil accompanied with prayer.'

Those two healings occurred in a revival meeting we led in a denomination church in East Texas. He'd felt satisfied to really have a time-of healing ministry for a few nights, but held off on it because these dear people were denominational and were not strong believers in healing. After asking the pastor what he thought about it, he said, Select it. Have a healing time during the next service. So we did.

That night, twenty-two people came to the front where the pastor had create a healing line. Most of them were relieved right at that moment, right then and there.

Here are the descriptions of both healings that actually stand-out within this writer's memory. First, an elderly man who'd diabetes came for healing. He was sixty two-years old at the time. Browse here at the link pastor lee mcfarland site to read the reason for this activity. H-e was relieved of his diabetes there and then. Touching base using the pastor years later, he said that this aged man had never taken another treatment of insulin to that time.

The next healing, still vividly remembered, included just a little girl three years of age. She'd some kind of seizures. Browse here at lee mcfarland to read the reason for this enterprise. These awful seizures gave a dangerously high temperature to her. Then she'd pass out.

H-e dad brought her to the recovery point holding her in his arms. She'd passed out of the seizure and its resulting temperature.

She too was healed that sam-e night, though we could tell no difference in her at the time. Her father moved her from the building that night, still in his arms and still handed out from the seizure and fever.

By the next day, nevertheless, her fever was gone. Annually or two later, we questioned the pastor about her. He said that she'd no further seizures. She was beautifully, complete