Leena Luo

Student in Massachusetts

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Hello! My name is Leena. I own @dankanimes on instagram! Below, you'll find out a bit about me. First, read my BYF (before you follow)!



-if you ship ereri, sebaciel, twincests hardcore, do not follow me
-if you are openly homophobic, transphobic or sexist, do not follow me

-if you are pro-life, refrain from making comments on my pro-choice rants

-no sjws please

-i will block and report if you are pro mental illness don't follow me i will openly attack you

-if you dislike me or my friends get the hell off my page and my accs i will attack you too

-feel free to dm me if you want to become friends

-hate dms will just earn you a roast and a block, don't do it lmao


-I am a musician; I love piano and singing, and that is a reason why I completely fail terribly at areas of academics such as math.

-I love my friends- hurt them and I'll legit attack you

-I am obsessed with a fictional character named Kurapika (from Hunter x Hunter; he's my profile picture here)

-I'm in ten muse groups (Love Live cover groups).

-I own/co-own 14 accounts on Instagram.


Accounts I own and co-own actively on Insta:

-@ephemerealism (probably won't accept your follow)
-@leenaluo (personal)

-@sakura.flow (muse group)
-@live.muse (muse group)
-@a_.live (muse group)

-@sakuraflowing (infopage for sakura flow only, won't accept your follow)