Leena Romu

Wedding dress designer Leena Romu was born and raised in Finland. She attended the Fashion Designing School in Forssa, gaining a Diploma in Fashion. She learnt the haute couture methods that many designers lack today, shaping her future in todays fashion industry. She has worked for some of the UK’s most elite and prestigious designers – from Anoushka Hempel and the late Catherine Walker to Vivienne Westwood and Anthony Price to name a few. Through these various designers among others, she has been involved with making clothes for several notable figures including members of the British Royal Family, Duran Duran and Joan Collins. She has also been involved with making costumes for major Box Office film productions including Harry Potter and The Dark Knight.

Over the years Leena has gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience. Her unique outlook on life coupled with her individualistic approach to fashion both allow for her truly original designs which can be found at www.leenaromu.com