Vanessa Lee

London, Nottingham, Maidstone


20 years young.

Loving life. Exploring opportunities. Discovering myself and the world.


Second year of university is already nearing to an end and it dawns on me that soon, I'll be leaving and entering the big world of work; full of challenges but also a host of opportunities.

I have been recently accepted onto the Incisive London Internship Programme, working as a Commercial Junior Manager Champion. I shall be joining in June and cannot wait to get started. Meanwhile, I will research more about the company, the products and also the work ethic whilst I prepare myself for the challenge of becoming a CHAMPION.

Things that characterize me as a person:

Ambitious. Adventurous. Relaxed about life. Committed. Hard-working. Passionate. Enjoys a bit of fun. Positive outlook. Smiley. :)

Passions/Things I love:

Travelling. Figure skating. Music. Piano. Books. Art. Food. Wine. Meeting new people.


I believe that life is a journey, not a destination; people should focus on the process and not the goal. In our journeys, we will face many obstacles, but these are the things that will eventually make us what we turn out to be.

I believe that one should have a plan but be adaptable and spontaneous. Live in the moment. Challenge yourself to something that scares you. You never know what you could ever achieve.

I believe that everyone in the world has something to give, something to learn from. We shouldn't ever look down on anyone or anything. We shouldn't judge anyone from the cover. I love talking to people and learning from one another. You never know where another conversation will take you.

I believe that people should not be scared to try new things. People shouldn't bound themselves to things that they are comfortable with. Comfortable just isn't enough for me. Life is not satisfying when you live it that way. Unless you do something you have not yet already mastered, you will never grow.

Pet Peeves:

A messy room and messy desk. Cold tea that is supposed to be hot. Cashiers who are unfriendly and don't smile. Snow. Rain. Inconsiderate people.

Pet Likes:

Smiley people. Little treats. Surprises. Hugs. My bed.

Future Activities:

Getting involved in Incisive London events including; Google Campus workshops, Media Trust, Summer party in July.

  • Work
    • Commercial Junior Manager Champion at Incisive
  • Education
    • Economics With Chinese Studies BA at Uni of Nottingham