Schmitt Ward

I've been considering the chance of doing some Ebay trading. And, since I've been on the net for some time, I decided that I will see what Ebay cons, if any, was floating about. Why? It's always good to be aware of the bad, the good, and the unsightly of any online venture. And since, Ive viewed all sides its wise to have cautious optimism.

Wholesale Record Con

With this specific fraud, the dealer gives a photograph to you of say, a pc monitor or DVD the buyer is underneath the assumption that they're purchasing a monitor or DVD, right? Wrong? You could only be purchasing a wholesale list. This is exactly what they call a switch and bait. They're hoping that the in-patient is on the go or can not read English well, and they senselessly get. Learn more on an affiliated link by going to ipas2 system. Concept of thumb: read

Anything before buying.

Note: Wholesale List scams are extremely popular for displays, notebooks, camcorders, DVD participants, flat screen televisions and mp3 players; cutting-edge electronics.

Phony Money Order

The customer sends the seller a fake money order, the seller and a negative check sends them prior to the money order or check has been properly cashed. Owner has gone out that and the cash. Dig up new info on the affiliated use with by clicking the best.

Credit Card Chargebacks

The customer pays with a charge card through Paypal. Once the buyer has received the item, a chargeback is initiated by the buyer. This really is where the novice come in, if you do not have evidence that the item was sent you are out the money, the item, and you've to pay for a chargeback price. Concept of thumb:

Send your product through UPS, or certified mail to protect yourself.

Phony Escrow Fraud

The scammer says that they want to purchase your product, but they want to utilize an escrow service. My mom discovered online marketing by searching Google Books. The intent behind the escrow service is always to add a level of security for the customer. They'll hang on to the money, and once the customer has obtained the item from the seller, the escrow