Leia Marshall

People Leader in the Bay Area

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Hi, I’m Leia—Leeeeeia, not Leia like Princess Leia.

I'm a strategic people leader in the technology space. I geek-out on solving problems with data, analytics, and research and I'm passionate about building holistic people-first cultures, that lean into manager training and coaching, to help companies go from good to great.

I'm currently the Head of People at Wildbit and live in the Bay Area. I'm a big fan of reading, cooking, and hanging out with my family (and cat) and love learning what others are up to and sharing what I've learned - so feel free to reach out!

And, if you’re curious, I've learned a lot from Patty McCord, Jonathan Raymond, Brene Brown, David Rock, Carol Dweck, Simon Sinek, Patrick Lencioni, and more!

  • Education
    • Certified Coach, NeuroLeadership Institute
    • SPHR, Human Resources Certification Institute
    • Master's Degree in Philosophy, UMN