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Leigh K. Hunt is a reader, writer, mother, and wife from the Land of the Long White Cloud, otherwise known as Aotearoa, New Zealand. She has a weird obsession with books like Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Pride & Prejudice, and adores Thrillers and Dystopian novels. To say that she lives in her own dreamy wonderland is an understatement.

As a child, her whole world was fantasy-based reality of tree huts, artistic endeavours, musical creations, and story inventions. She would only come back to the 'real world' to do the mundane things like feed the dog her broccoli or brussel-sprouts under the dining table.

If Leigh could have one superpower in the whole wide world, it would be to have the ability to fold space and time, so that she could be anywhere, at any time. Leigh loves travelling with a fiery passion, and exploring foreign countries, delving into different cultures, and immersing herself with the people.

In her adult life, she works full time, is a mother to a gorgeous but very lively two-year-old, and is married to her rock, Michael. She also has numerous mothers, fathers, and a couple of very special siblings who keep her grounded, despite her desire to permanently live inside her head.

To connect to Leigh, please visit her website: www.leighkhunt.com or you can connect with her on the social networks.

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Email: leighkhunt.author@gmail.com

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