Leigh Wallas

Psychologist and Yoga Instructor in Brisbane, Australia

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Hi, I'm Leigh. I'm a curious, empathetic and passionate psychologist who works with people of all ages to help create positive and lasting psychological change and growth.

I'm based at Happy Minds (www.happyminds.com.au), a Brisbane based child, family, adolescent and adult clinical psychology and counselling service where I work in partnership with clients using techniques that are supported by evidence. I strive to assist clients in developing strategies for managing unhelpful or intrusive psychological issues, as well as identifying and harnessing their existing strengths.

My approach balances compassion and playfulness to create a welcoming environment. I've worked with clients experiencing a range of psychological concerns and use this experience to tailor therapy to suit each individual and their families.

I also have extensive knowledge and practice of working with people who have lived through trauma and/or are dealing with complex issues; helping these individuals and families to build on their resilience during and after challenging experiences.

I obtained my Honours in Psychological Science from University of Queensland and my Masters of Psychology (Counselling), from Webster University, Vienna (Austria). I'm registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and a full member of the Australian Psychological Society.

As well as working at Happy Minds, I work part-time at a non-government organisation (NGO) with adult and children refugees who have experienced torture and trauma and hold workshops for helping professionals on best-practice interventions for clients experiencing complex and long-term issues.

I have previously held positions in the voluntary, health, education and private sectors in both the United Kingdom and Australia. Roles have included: psychological assistance for homeless and vulnerable young people; crisis care and evidence-based intervention for women in secure settings; managing public health projects related to inequality and patient experience.

I have conducted specialised research about alcohol and drug use amongst young adults, an international study investigating emotion regulation and self-harm in young people and research and bereavement counselling at the Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention in Australia.

I'm a certified Yoga instructor and incorporate this experience of calming the body and mind into my psychological work.

Always happy to discuss your own or your loved one's needs.