Leisl Stoufer

Torrance, California

Hi and Welcome to Bold Faith Ministries with Leisl Stoufer!

Fifteen years ago, God blessed my husband, Russell, and me with a bouncing baby boy we named Cody. We adopted Cody at birth and he is the joy of our lives. Cody is smart, funny, mechanical, and full of compassion. Cody also suffers from severe mental illness.

As we have cared for Cody over the years, we have experienced the heartache and frustration that come with navigating our country's failed mental health care system. Cody's illness has opened our eyes to one of the greatest injustices in out nation's history. We are failing an entire population of severely ill people.

Thankfully, God can take our greatest challenges and turn them into our greatest blessings. As God has revealed to us the brokenness of our mental health care system, He has also laid it on my heart to do something about it. Pastor Matthew Barnett, who founded the Los Angeles Dream Center, says, "Find a need and fill it." Well, I have found a need and I intend to fill it.

After a wonderful career serving in Children's, Youth, and Family Ministries, God has called me out of my comfort zone to a brand new adventure. We are in the process of starting Bold Faith Ministries which is currently raising awareness for mental illness and advocating for treatment for those who suffer. Our long term goal is to open a Christian Treatment Center called, "Cody's Place". "Cody's Place" will bring restoration and dignity to indviduals and families affected by mental illness by addressing their immediate and long term needs and by reconnecting them with God and a community of support.

Our family is super excited that God can take our greatest source of pain and use it for something wonderful.

One of my favorite verses in Scripture is John 16:33. In that verse Jesus tells His disciples that "In this world there will be trouble, but take heart, for I have overcome this world". I love how Jesus doesn't mince His words or sugar coat the reality of our brokeness. He states clearly and concisely that we will suffer from the troubles here on earth, but he goes on to reassure us, telling us not to be discouraged because He has overcome it all! Praise God, my friends! Praise God!

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