new york city

"LeKeith is just this cool customer who always takes care of business."

David Carney
Former Teammate, SIU Basketball

"LeKeith is the type of person you want in front of clients or working to build bridges among teams to develop multi-platform, trans-media strategic marketing & branding campaigns. He's a very likeable person with the type of persona that doesn't need to scream to get things finished."

Michael LeFort
Co-Founder & President, Mammalfish

"LeKeith is an asset to any team. He has a variety of outstanding skills and abilities including being extremely professional, detailed, and organized. Most importantly, LeKeith has an awesome personality, is well liked by everyone. LeKeith's versatility and drive makes him an outstanding candidate for any position."

Jed Berger
Vice President, Brand Marketing at Foot Locker

"I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Lekeith for a handful of years now, and he's always been the epitome of a stand up guy and class act. He is an extraordinary creative mind, with the ability to capture a vision and execute with amazing accuracy; sometimes far exceeding expectations. Lekeith is also very analytical and strategic in his approach. He is very professional, timely, and personable. I believe that he would be an assest to any project or company looking to bring him on board."

Dewane Mutunga

"LeKeith is a great partner and better person. I enjoyed the privilege of working with LeKeith over the course of more than a year and he was always armed with information and willing to take away challenging tasks."

Geoff Spies
MetLife, Director of Sponsorship and Promotions