Lelia Sacre

Where to begin....

My passion for sport, education and travel has been instilled in me from both sides of my family. Also of which have allowed me great opportunities to learn and meet some amazing people.

My mother played at San Diego State University and went on to coach at Pacific University. My father played on both the Canadian Men's Junior and Senior National Teams. After his retirement from playing, he went on to be head and assistant coaches of both teams at various international tournaments earning 3 Pan Am Gold Medals (2 as a player; 1 as a coach). Needless to say my fate was sealed on what sport I was to play. They enrolled me with local club at the age 5 and never looked back.

Throughout my adolescent years I played on numerous club, high performance and provincial teams. I received the opportunity to represent Canada at the 2005 Junior World Cup and continued on to the senior team the following year, before heading off to university.

After transferring from Syracuse University to the University of Maine my passion for education and umpiring increased. While I finished my Bachelor of Arts in History - British Imperialism, I continued to hone my umpiring skills. Following graduation I had to the chance to go with the Women's Junior National Team on their European Tour where I was able to umpire matches involving Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Spain.

However, I wanted to continue on my career path to become an educator and was accepted into the Bachelor of Education Middle Years program at the University of British Columbia.

Due to the lack of teaching opportunities available I decided to focus on umpiring. I was appointed to the 2013 Pan American Cup in Mendoza, Argentina where I received my FIH badge. A week later after the completion of that tournament, I was off to Perth, Australia for the International Super Series. It was an amazing experience especially getting to do the final between Argentina and Australia.

Hockey has allowed me to travel to some spectacular places to date, but my education will take me on another adventure and where this blog will start off. I see this opportunity of moving to Essex, England to not only help my dream of teaching, but improving my skills as an umpire.

"Adventure is out there!" - from the movie "Up"