Lena Obermaier

Student in Graz, Österreich

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Hi there! I'm Lena.

For me everything's about media! After working as an intern at the magazine EMMA in Cologne, Germany, I decided to study journalism & public relations in Graz, Austria in 2014. In summer 2015 I worked at the radio station Austria 1 (Ö1) at the cultural department in Vienna & currently I am working part-time at the SEO agency wukonig.com starting November 2015. For more detailed information on my work, school projects and work sample please check out my portfolio or LinkedIn profile!

So that's about my work experience now some more about me: I am happy if I can write because that means I'm doing something new, learning from an interesting person or discovering a new story to tell. I am totally passionate about cooking! I learned how to make basically everything from scratch from my dad, who is an amazing professional chef. Sometimes I share my meals on instagram (or in real life if I like someone). I am balanced if I do yoga a lot. I like to practice with my partner, who is a yoga teacher or attend group workshops. I also love to travel independently or with my partner. We both share a passion on Asian countries, the sea & sun and tropical fruits & curry ...

I am a very curious person. I think you are never done learning. I love to read (basically everything). I am interested in politics if that means getting active, following the latest news, voting or raising my voice against inequality.

Thank you for reading a little bit about me! Please don't hesitate to contact me, I'm always excited about meeting new people. You can find my contact info in my LinkedIn profile and also on my portfolio.

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