Leo Bach

I like to see improvements to any business account which can achieve a greater amount of efficiency. As a general rule, any stakeholder to an organisation will tempt to resist process change, if not convinced of it's beneficiary outcomes. Thus, succesfull project implementation requires the management to exercise a continual advocation of the benefits, during the implementation of new business protocols. In order to succeed, process change therefore requires both mangement to show consistent motivating precautions. In my position, working as an administrative back-up to HQ (shipping-/planning-dept.), I've developed strong skills in communicating in between the coperate-, business- and functional level within the organisation. I've learned to master complex ad-hoc responsibilities in a dynamic organisation, where best-practise implementation, is the key driver for future profitability. My track-record shows a succesfull implementation of standardised communication channels, as well as various process efficiency improvement projects, both of which have enhanced the facility's order-fulfilment-ratio.