les potts

Melbourne Australia

I am passionate about empowering users via mobile technology.

I've spent the better part of two decades as not only a 'coder' but as an interaction and user experience designer. Having designed and developed a number of mobile solutions, founded several ‘start ups’, and changed the way international commodities are traded; I can now educate, mentor and guide others on how to capitalise on emerging technologies.

I continue to design elegant solutions for a diverse range of small to medium sized local businesses - such as mobile solutions for the utilities sector, trading solutions for agriculture - which helps to provide focus.

Much of my applied research into high risk, constrained resource, environments - focusing on commodity trading, financial modelling and forecasting systems are applied to not only the private sector but also public sector budget planning models.

In addition to my regular work, I am also the founder of yourpension.com.au, which provides assistance to those seeking support in applying for age pension entitlements.

BSc MScApp(IT)

  • Education
    • Monash University