Lewis Rhodes

Gainesville FL

--I'M A TEACHER - University of Florida Grad (BA in Education) Elementary school for 8 years Currently I teach Technology at the Academy at Howard Bishop Middle School Specializations include Elementary Education (1-6), Technology Education (6-12) and Business Education (6-12).

--I'M A LEARNER- Currently certified Microsoft (MOS) Adobe Certified Associate in progress

--I'M A TECHNOLOGIST - An educational technologist is someone who is trained in the field of educational technology. Educational technologists implement tools to enhance learning. Thats what I will do for you. I will find the technology and resources that will help you get to the next level of whatever it is that you are trying to do. Whether it is computer related job skills, or everyday life computer skills, I will help show you the way to meeting your goals.

--ABOUT INNOVATIVE LIFE - The mission of Innovative Life is to provide computer instruction to those who are looking use new skills to better themselves. We offer quality, low cost instruction to the clients to provide the skills that will impact their everyday lives, improve their opportunity for employment, and reduce the digital divide.

--INNOVATIVE LIFE was first founded as the Innovative Life Center, a nonprofit computer instruction center. The INNOVATIVE LIFE CENTER represented the fulfillment of my lifelong dream to educate others as well as continuing a personal commitment towards giving back to the local community. Now, the ideas behind INNOVATIVE LIFE are MY LIFE. Innovative Life is my freelance entrepeneureal project. There are people everywhere who want to learn, and the computer is becoming more important in everyone's lives. That is the focus of INNOVATIVE LIFE and why low cost services are still available.

--CONTACT ME. I am here to help you if the need for computer skills exists.

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