Lheyla Escobar

Palo Alto, CA

Hi there ! I’m Lheyla, but you can call me Lheylis, I’m a Product Designer, specialized in UX and UI.

For the last 3 years I’ve been working on Mobile Design, creating information architecture, user experience, user interface, prototyping, building smart flows and production of assets in Android and iOS. Before that, I worked on Web Design, doing pretty much the same process. I understand (at a very basic level) how HTML and CSS works. I also have experience in Print Design.

I consider myself as a very lucky person because I had the opportunity to work in very different companies as well as projects, mostly oriented in Mobile Apps and Web Design. I still believe that my big school was Groupon. First I worked for Groupon Latin America (Where I was the Art Director for 7 countries and I didn’t sleep much) and then as a Graphic Media Designer in Groupon Palo Alto, where I was involved in several projects of UI and UX for the Mobile App for merchants and the web client for payments.

Most of the time I speak spanglish (I’m from Chile). I’m a happy wife, cat enthusiast, pro animal and vegetarian.

Please feel free to visit my portfolio in www.lheylis.com, see some of my previos works and send me messages.

Thanks !