Lia Kessenich

So um Some of you may know me as @6asorexia on Instagram.I go with my kin names most of the time : Sucre or John Im a eighth grade student.I do have a Boyfriend and his name is Aidan ❤️ My page consists of mainly Photography, me, and all that other aesthetic shit.You can usually find me on zodiac posts or just fighting with random people on the web.

I am in Fandoms ((rip me))Homestuck, Gravity Falls, Bioshock, Fallout, Steven Universe,WATGBS, OFF, TØP, etcetc.Gween @Twistedguts is my meowsisis Katy @katy.exo is my kismesisI am salty trash.I will fight you.I support LGBT+ rights

On Instagram I spend 60% of my time fighting Zuris annoying ass fan children God they are so annoying..

I am a Libra, Year of the Horse

I have a wide range of fucking knick knacks and shit in my brain such as MAJOR anxiety issues, Bipolar Disorder, Medium Paranoia, Depression, Anorexia, etc etc :))

List of Triggers: Really Loud noises, Trypophobia, Murder, Public Embarrassment, etc etc