Film Hobbyist in Cebu City, Philippines

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Lian spent his Childhood in Manila and Half of his Teenage Life at Iloilo. He's a Film-enthusiast that Craves so much on Street Experimental Photography. He Shoots when the Mood and Inspiration is Right. He's a Amateur Surfer and often Surf when he feels the need to refuel himself and utilize the Power of the Universe. He also Writes, mostly about Himself, Quite Self-centered but, he thinks he has a lot of Interesting Stories to tell. Lian believes in the Philosophy of Oneness in Differences. He Dreams to Surf the Biggest and Dangerous Waves before he turns Old and Fantasizes to have a European-Asian Wife. He usually Spends his Time Formulating Plausible Theories on how to Eliminate Hate in the World but since It's quite "Idealistic", he Diverts his Delusions on the Sea Shore and look onto the Horizon. He's currently Residing in Cebu City, Philippines. He's Taking-up a Doctorate Course so-called: Doctor of Optometry at Southwestern University-Phinma. "Wala akong ibang alam na Bisyo kung hindi ang Umibig." ~Lian when Surfing.