Li Anne Harris

Currently, I am a Communication Studies and Mass Media Arts Major at the University of Georgia. I reside in one of the three Freshman High Rises on campus: Russell Hall. Yet, my permanent home for the past 18 years has been in ole Griffin, GA. which lies roughly 45 minutes south of Atlanta, GA. I attended Spalding High school where I was an avid fan of Netflix, concerts, and traveling.

Some fancy facts to end with:
-I was adopted when I was a baby from China
- I can wiggle my ears!
- Into the WIld and The Dead Poet's Society are movies that excite my soul.
- The Grand Inquisitor by Fyodor Dostoyevsky is a brilliant read.
- My mom does not let me eat sugary cereals, so naturally that is all I have been eating in the dining halls!
- I so deeply care for the relationships I build.
- I am really bad at keeping in touch with old friends- something I am working on.
- I love stretching and hot yoga.
- I am a firm believer in dessert after meals.
- Beautiful words and quality time are my love language.
- I am proud to be apart of the BULLDAWG NATION.