Dhylles Davis

Dhylles "The Coaching Cupid" Davis, who helps people fall in love with their lives again, has been coaching for over 20 years from the tender age of 16 years old as she was the go to person everyone would come to for sound advise, a humble heart and a listening ear as she knew exactly what to say and how to help. Dhylles did not realize she was coaching and that it was her purpose until she was 32 years old and decided to stop running from herself, regrets and mistakes and forgave herself as well as started to accept her flaws and imperfections with lots of self-love and tender loving care.

Dhylles coaching style is based on hosting lifestyle coaching events known as "Sip & Chat Happy Hours" as well as "Ladies Sip & Chats" and "Ask The Men Forums" for both men and women that are judgement free and safe where guests are able to speak and share freely without guilt, fear or shame about what they may be going through in life due to realizing others at the event maybe experiencing the same situation.

Dhylles motivates and inspires her guests to ake leaps of faith and positive risk in healing, closure, forgiveness, love and acceptance in order to find their true selves as well as their purpose. Her lifestyle coaching events helps change the lifestyle of her guests from negative to positive where they are able to learn how to practice independently speak, act and live in all aspects of life as well as putting out wonderful karma and goodness into the universe.

She teaches others to live in their legacy instead of leaving a legacy and to realize they were born accomplishments and destined for greatness and perfect just the way they are with their flaws and imperfections.

Dhylles is also an inspirational motivational speaker who is asked to speak at countless events to encourage those who are looking to make changes within but not sure how to begin. She tells her stories of abuse, survival and empowerment to assist those who feel lost and hold themselves at fault for things that have taken place in life that keep them from moving forward.

Dhylles has written and self-published her first booked titled "Your Life Your Purpose No Explanations" which can be purchased on Amazon and kindle. It is based on self-love and priority in being the best YOU that you can become.

Dhylles "The Coaching Cupid" Davis

LifeStyle Coach

Motivational Speaker

Self-Published Author