Light House

Light House was started to guide people through the difficult paths in their lives just as a light house guides a ship through the rocky coastline. Light House also enlightens people the way a light house sheds light on the dark areas. Light House basically concentrates on building a strong character in young people so that they are ready for the world. Light House emphasizes on the importance of self sustaining human beings by helping people learn from LIFE rather than people or books. Light House has programs such as DEVELOPMENT OF SOFT SKILLS & ENTREPRENEURIAL TRAITS, LIFE & CAREER GUIDANCE for students. Read about the Beacon of Light House @ Read about the kind of lessons taught @ Students are the main focus of Light House as they are the future and schools can contact Light House @ Please leave your contact number and we will get back to you. Light House is looking forward to enlighten people's lives and create students of life.

Our job is not just guiding. Our job as we believe is not complete until the students are in a position to contribute to their families and to the society. We believe that entrepreneurship is the best way to accomplish this task. We will stand by the students throughout.