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weeb in a galaxy far far away

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Hey, I'm Kylo. If you want to follow me please read this


I'm pansexual, I use male pronouns also I'm currently single but I do have a qpp though. They're @ukekami request if you have anything against them thx


Fun facts:My Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw and my God Tier is Seer of Heart.


My friends are

@ukekami, @irl.zarya, @lawoftalos, @wrathia.bellarima, @intoxicatedhoodie_, @phonefuck and @scenetyler

Also I will not tag you as their kins/ids (if you wanna know what their kins/ids are just ask)


I like video games, Game Grumps, maxmoefoe, idubbbz, filthy frank and cartoons a lot so talk to me if you like those things

I can get sad and passive aggressive pretty easily so im sorry before hand

Also PLEASE don't talk about growing up, my birthday, death, going back to school or anything related to that. It makes me feel super uncomfortable


Please don't request if:

-you get offended by homophobic, transphobic, racist or "ableist" slurs(i use them in a joking way; not seriously)

-you'll get unhappy if when i call my friends fat, ugly, stupid, etc; its just a joke

-you dislike nsfw stuff

-you dislike spamming (i post A LOT)

-you dislike funamusea, i post a lot of stuff related to it



100% me, Don't request if you see yourself or anyone else as them:

Kylo Ren:Star Wars

Wadanohara(all versions):WatGBS

Idate/Orca:WatGBS/Ice Scream


Still very much me, don't request if you see yourself or anyone else as them:

Shirogane:Ice Scream




Lapis:Steven Universe

Ichimatsu:Osomatsu San


Main kins, you can request if you see yourself or someone else as them but I won't tag you:

Hanayo:Love Live

Riko:Love Live



Madotsuki:Yume Nikki


Peridot:Cucumber Quest

Lord Cabbage:Cucumber Quest


Shikabone:Obsolete Dream


Obi-Wan:Star Wars

Kyle:South Park




Please tell me if you exist in any of the same canons as me


After you have read all this dm me a picture of the ocean and i'll let you follow me