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Software Engineer in Kochi, India

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If I had to describe myself in 4 words, they would be:

Lija is Likable,Intelligent Joyous and Adventures.

I was born on 1st of August at Trivandrum in Kerala (India)... I Am the elder daughter of my parents (Jacob & Leela Jacob) . I got this name from first two letters from my parents hence i represent true evident of the love and laughter between my parents.

I did my Schooling and till B.Sc at Trivandrum. I was an average student in class and was more active in Sports and other cultural activates.

After my 12th my granny (mom's ma..i love her most in my life) brought a Desktop for us. Which was quiet unknown for me (i never had computer as subject in my schooling's)but I was more curious to know about it. With that motto I used to watch behind my brother(he is a studious boy hence parents put him under CBSE ), slowly I also learn how it works and that was the basic step towards my passion.

I did Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics from All Saints'Collage Trivandrum. Even though I like Maths I was not really passionate in mathematics field to build up my Career.Finally I decided to go beyond my interest and Decided to do my Masters in Computer Application.

I got a lovely opportunity to do my MCA @ MACFAST, Thiruvalla. Where i enjoyed as a programmer and found happiness while does developments.

During my 3rd Sem i started doing Freelancing work i am technically a DBA person...and working in Best company in kochi...where every day i see lots of opportunities to grow up.....and i am enjoying my life each and every moment as possible as i can....and Life Goes on……….

Apart from this....I love photography and am still learning about it....and i love to travel a lot....that also in bike ...and my most adventurous day was one of such biking day near nathula (India - China boarder - 2015) and day at Ladakh(2012)

I am waiting to be in rann of kutch soon...if god allows :)....becoz Amitabh Bachchan said...'Kutch Nahi dekha to kuch nahi dekha'....:)

  • Work
    • Oracle Developer
  • Education
    • MCA, B.Sc Maths