Likhit Gatagat

Likhit Gatagat, a shy lad during school days have completely changed and now is an IT professional with difference at a leading Software company MindChips. In 2010, Likhit completed his graduation in computer science from University of Pune. On 1st june 2010 Likhit joined Amdocs as a Subject Matter Expert, but dint find it as his cup of tea and left Amdocs. Likhit's Passion was to work as software developer. Actions are the seed of fate deeds grow into destiny, atlast destiny gave him call and he joined MindChips on 26 August 2010. Holding MindChips hand Likhit learned to walk through each phase of software development. Likhit shares his experience regarding MindChips as- "I got more than my share, At this point of my career in short span of experience I have learned many different aspects of software development as well as life. At MindChips I am gifted to work with multiple profiles helping to add me more and more valuable knowledge"