Lilia McManus

Stockholm, Sweden

I believe that every one have a mission and this earth and mine is to help vulnerable people.

My job for the last five years is been helping refugees from difference country, in the stage of of integration. That means not only Social involvement but also labor market integration.

I manage a large organization that allow me to understand how a social enterprise work and how to put together a gorilla size marketing campaign involving people in the community creating good network.Those re some of the projects that I started:

Using the establishment plan made by – Swedish Employment Service as a guide, we help navigate the refugees through the Swedish society and provide them the tools they need in order to reach their goals. We also provide them with social support, job and study coaching and healthcare information on the road to building their new life.

Integration of immigrant children into the Swedish society is very important; ArpeSystem presents a bilingual after school program for children between the ages 8 -16.This program involves professionals with different skills and backgrounds ranging from inventors, teachers, web designers, actors, singers, media professionals and their job is to help in mentoring and developing a variety of skills in children

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    • WIAS AB Establishing and Integrating Businesses in Scandinavia
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    • Andres Eloi Blanco
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