Lilly Mossiano

North Carolina

Lilly Mossiano is the author of the books "My New Mommy" and "My New Daddy". She is a transgender woman, a geek at heart, and an advocate for the rights of all LGBT people. She is working hard to put books out there to help the next generation be conscious of the existence of and the respect for transgender individuals.

She is currently working on several new additions to the “My New ...” series, and wishes to spread the word and educate the public on the struggles of being both a transgender woman, and a transgender parent. She wants to bring hope to those who are losing their internal struggles with depression and/or other mental illness due to the situations they cannot control(ie, being gay, lesbian, queer or transgender), as well as remind the youth of today that “it gets better”.

She is available for public speaking events for a nominal fee and hopes to start going on tours to bookstores to sign her works.

Should you wish to have her travel to your event or school, please contact her using the form provided here.

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