Lin Chou Cheng

Human-Centered Designer, Teacher, and Consultant in Singapore

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To design is to empathize. To teach is to learn twice.

Hi, My name is Lin! I am a trained designer with a vast experience of delivering creative, graphic concepts especially in digital model making and visual development for tech and games.

In recent years, I have developed a passion in experience (human-centered) design as I believe design enriches life and design is life. When I’m not lecturing, I lead a professional life as design consultant. I also write and teach about video game art online, and visual design during my spare time.

Whether it’s your indie game development project, UI/UX for your prototype, personal branding and visual identity or more, getting visual attention with a human-centered design is essential. That’s where I come in.

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  • Work
    • Design Consultant
  • Education
    • MA Design & New Media Technology
    • B.Mm. (HONS) Film & Animation