Lindsay Tosun

Teacher in Zug, Switzerland

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Grüezi mitenand! ("Hello everyone" in Swiss German)

I am an IB English teacher at an international school in Switzerland. I've been living/teaching internationally since I graduated from Nipissing University with my B.Ed. I've taught in middle and high school environments and I am knowledgeable with the UK national curriculum, MYP and IB programmes. I have had a wide range of leadership roles within the school's i've worked at. I have been head of the English department and took on whole school responsibilities for facilitating PD opportunities for staff and for substantiating personal, social and health education. Within these roles I have done some coaching/mentoring. When completing my M.Ed. in teaching and leadership, I was drawn to the coaching/mentoring process but until recently, couldn't see how a role like that would fit into the international circuit. Having had some time to reflect on a career transition, I became intrigued with how I could use my mentoring/coaching skills within an educational context. Working as a grade 12 tutor in the past year has sparked my interest to pursue a transition into a university/career counsellor role.

I am a mom of 2 under 2 so I feel like it is a good time to do some up-skilling! When I have free time I like to travel and keep fit. I also love reading, coffee, and movies.